Taking A Cooperative Approach To Your Legal Issues

Tax Law Guidance Rooted In Decades Of Experience

Tax law is notoriously complex. The penalties for failing to comply with the intricacies of state or federal tax law are also notoriously harsh. For businesses and individuals alike, compliance is essential to avoiding costly legal headaches.

At Mopsick Carrere, LLP, we devote much of our practice to helping clients navigate complicated tax law issues. Our attorneys have more than 65 years of collective experience handling all kinds of tax matters. Whether you are facing an audit, offshore compliance issues, an IRS criminal investigation or other serious tax law matters, you can turn to our team for the skilled representation you need when the stakes are high.

Experience Makes A Difference

In their many years of experience of tax law practice, our lawyers have seen and worked a wide variety of tax cases. Clients rely on us for trustworthy, professional guidance on:

  • IRS collection matters
  • Tax litigation
  • Audits, protests and appeals
  • Civil and criminal tax fraud allegations
  • Tax shelter and promoter defense
  • Voluntary disclosures
  • International tax law issues and offshore compliance
  • Employment tax matters
  • Private letter rulings
  • California state tax matters
  • Gift and estate tax matters for our estate planning clients
  • Business-related taxes for our business clients

In any tax matter, it’s wise to be proactive. The sooner you involve us, the more we can do for you.

Our Approach To The IRS

Our approach to dealing with the IRS is based on solid experience and common sense. In the great majority of cases, an IRS agent wants to determine the accuracy of the tax reported on a return and move on to the next case as soon as possible. Our experience teaches us that we can be far more effective in representing clients before the IRS by being cooperative and business-like. To that end, we don’t instigate conflict or waste clients’ valuable time and resources with a combative approach. Instead, we do everything within our power to resolve disputes in an amicable, solutions-focused manner.

Discuss Your Tax Law Concerns During A Free Initial Consultation

From our offices in San Diego and Sacramento, California, we represent clients around the world facing state or federal U.S. tax matters. To discuss your tax concerns with one of our lawyers, please call 916-963-9980 or send us an email. We offer initial consultations at no charge.