Taking A Cooperative Approach To Your Legal Issues

We Help Businesses Thrive With Thorough Planning And Proactive Guidance

Starting, growing and running a business all require navigating numerous legal considerations. Whether you’re just getting off the ground, seeking to branch out or facing legal troubles that threaten the very survival of your business, partnering with trusted legal counsel is essential for your organization’s success.

At Mopsick Carrere, LLP, our attorneys are committed to helping businesses thrive. We work with organizations of diverse sizes across a multitude of industries, providing guidance on the many legal nuances that impact their success. Backed by more than 65 years of combined experience, our legal team is well-equipped to help you identify potential liabilities and put proactive strategies into place to reduce your business’s risk of costly disputes or legal burdens.

Bringing Clarity To All Types Of Business Matters

Business clients throughout California turn to us for clarity and guidance on:

  • Business formation and planning, including selecting business entities such as:

Corporations (S-corps and C-corps)

Limited liability companies (LLCs)

Partnerships and limited liability partnerships (LLPs)

Tax-exempt and nonprofit organizations (501(c)(3)s)

  • Corporate governance, including drafting articles of incorporation/organization and bylaws, maintaining proper records and observing corporate formalities
  • Business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions
  • Business contracts such as vendor agreements, employment contracts, severance agreements, confidentiality/nondisclosure agreements and noncompete agreement
  • Intellectual property protection through trademarks, copyrights and work-for-hire agreements
  • Commercial property matters, including commercial leases
  • Business litigation and disputes involving any type of business matter
  • Business tax matters, including payroll taxes
  • Business succession planning (as well as comprehensive estate planning services for business owners)

Our attorneys take the time to understand clients’ vision for the success of their business. We partner with them to make that vision a reality, working hard to overcome any legal obstacles that may lie in the path of their success.

Learn More About Working With Our Business Attorneys

To reach our legal team, please fill out a brief online contact form or call 916-963-9980. From our offices in Sacramento and San Diego, we work with business clients statewide as well as those from around the globe doing business in California.